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Weekly Playlist: March 16th, 2009

I had the idea to start posting a weekly playlist of the music (albums) I’ll be listening to at work, in the car, etc. I’ll also be posting links to Amazon.com’s page for the album if you’d like to listen to a sample of the music, and Wikipedia.org links for more information.  For bands that don’t exist on Amazon or Wikipedia, links to whatever web-presence they have will be included.  This post will be the first of many, so I hope you enjoy it!

  1. Burning Empires EP by VNV Nation — Amazon.com : Wikipedia.org
  2. Common Existence by ThursdayAmazon.com : Wikipedia.org
  3. In Rainbows by RadioheadAmazon.com : Wikipedia.org
  4. The Walls Have Ears by VearaMyspace.com