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Weekly Playlist: March 16th, 2009

I had the idea to start posting a weekly playlist of the music (albums) I’ll be listening to at work, in the car, etc. I’ll also be posting links to Amazon.com’s page for the album if you’d like to listen to a sample of the music, and Wikipedia.org links for more information.  For bands that don’t exist on Amazon or Wikipedia, links to whatever web-presence they have will be included.  This post will be the first of many, so I hope you enjoy it!

  1. Burning Empires EP by VNV Nation — Amazon.com : Wikipedia.org
  2. Common Existence by ThursdayAmazon.com : Wikipedia.org
  3. In Rainbows by RadioheadAmazon.com : Wikipedia.org
  4. The Walls Have Ears by VearaMyspace.com


So as some of you may or may not already know, I will be going to Cornerstone Festival this year with my girlfriend and her cousin. I’ve been blabbing quite a bit about it, because thats just how friggin’ excited I am.

Cornerstone Festival brings together over 600 bands in a week-long fairground-wide party. If you like rock, metal, trance, contemporary Christian, etc., you would love Cornerstone. You get to camp for 4/5/6 nights (depending on what ticket you buy) and wake up every morning to more awesomeness.

I’d have to say my favorite part is actually meeting all of the people there. There are people from all walks of life sharing all kinds of stories with each other, and they’re all there because of two things: God and music. Its amazing to see just how many people are drawn together by these things, and how they manage to become the best of friends even though they appear to be complete polar opposites.

There are a few bands in particular that I’m super excited to see this year. The Almost, who I stumbled upon a few months ago on accident when looking up info about Underoath. They’ll be playing on Tooth & Nail day (July 1st) and I can’t wait to see them. I’m also looking extremely forward to seeing Destroy The Runner. They are an amazing metalcore band from California, and they will melt your face off. I wonder if Inhale/Exhale will be playing anything from their new album too, as it is very, very good.

So yeah, within the next week or so I need to start getting together all of the camping supplies that we’ll need. Tent, cooler, air mattresses, blankets, six gallons of Arizona Iced Tea. That’s right, six gallons. A couple years ago when we went to C-Stone I brought some of the stuff, but nobody other than me drank it. So I ended up carrying the jug around and it turned out to be quite awesome. So I’m taking six jugs, one for each day and one for backup.

Wish me luck as I try to remember everything!