Major Overhaul!

Hello there everyone.  For the very few people out there who regularly check this web site, you’ll probably have noticed a drastic change to the web site.  Well, here’s the story…

This web site, from its original publish date until March 11th, 2009 used a back-end written entirely by me in PHP, using a flat-file storage system for data.  I had fun over the years adding an RSS feed generator and all the other little gadgets and underlying things that made the site tick.  I never could satisfy my own desire to make the site’s back-end absolutely fantastic though.  I always felt it lacked something, such as a comment system (which I was too lazy to add) or could use major tweaking, etc. in various places.  Well, I don’t really have the time anymore to work on and maintain the back-end so I’ve decided to make the move to WordPress.

I’ve transferred alot of the data from the old site over to the new one, but there still may be some kinks to work out.  If you are browsing around and find something out of place or looking goofy, PLEASE let me know!  I would appreciate it very much.  I am also, as always, very open to feedback or opinions on the new site.  I want my readers to enjoy it and get as much out of it as they can.  If you have an idea or suggestion that would make the site work better for you please speak up and tell me.

Now, enjoy the new site… 🙂

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